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For Indian Stock market investors:

This product caters to the vast number of people desirous of making money from Stock Market investments. It caters to the “Cash” stocks of Indian Stock Market. It generates charts, signals & levels for trading for the subsequent day. It mainly caters to the needs of Indian Stock Market investors in the Cash segment.

Some Important Facts
  • The DayTrader & ParaStock range of products is certainly not a charting utility. The products are unique and based on the human behavior & psychology of any given market (Forex / Stocks etc) with accuracy levels as high as 85% & higher.
  • The products do not only give recommendations but give out clear cut trading strategies / instructions as regard what should be done at any particular moment. The ParaStock system could even predict precisely the fall after the following incidents even before they occurred. For example:
    • The fall after the 11th September 2001 episode could be predicted on the morning of 11th September in India whereas the news of the attack on WTC trickled in at about 6.30 p.m. Indian Time.
    • The precise levels for trading on 8th October 2001 were predicted on the 5th October itself. ( America launched the offensive against Afghanistan on the 7th October, which was a Sunday).
    • It could also predict the precise levels for trading on the 14th December 2001 on the 13th December - the day Indian Parliament was attacked by a group of terrorists.
    • Paradigm’s Forex DayTrader could precisely predict (one of the most accurate predictions of the package) the levels for trading on Forex crosses (up to the 4th decimal point) for the 27th August 2002 when Federal rate cut was expected which did not materialize.
    • Massive profits could be made on the day Saddam Hussain was captured by American troops with the help of OPEN strategy generated by the system.
    • Paradigm’s Forex DayTrader could precisely predict (again one of the most accurate predictions of the package) the levels for trading on Forex crosses (up to the 4th decimal point) for the 07h July 2005 terrorist attack in London a few hours before the actual blasts happened in London .

ParaStock is a unique stock market software package catering to the needs of Indian Stock Market investors of the Cash segment.

It is a revolutionary product that is simple & easy to use. The entire analysis is done by the system itself leaving only the decision-making on the part of the investor. It promises to make investment and trading in shares a profitable and hassle free experience.

The ParaStock was initially developed in 1998 and was put to severe tests before the final launch of the product in 2001.

Salient features of ParaStock are:

  • It is a charting tool and an analyst by itself.
  • It can catch & predict almost 70-80% of market tops and bottoms.
  • It displays Buy, Sell & Warning recommendations for trading on the subsequent day.
  • It helps the user to select shares for investment as well as trading based on a number of parameters such as Buy, Sell, Warning signals, Volatility, Volume Surge, Gainers, Losers etc.

Advantages of Parastock:

Parastock package eliminates the Herculean task of analyzing the different types of Shares because it does the job of an analyst all by itself.

Parastock eliminates the use of various Technical analysis tools like the RSI, ROC, MACD, A/D ratio etc thereby saving a lot of investor’s precious time which he/ she can conveniently utilize for other activities.

Parastockeliminates the need to look at Overbought / Oversold conditions.

Parastock package very easily does all these calculations on it's own.

Parastock displays the Daily/ Weekly / Monthly chart of the Company along with important Resistance, Supports, Up/ Down targets & Stoploss levels for the next trading session.

Parastock is quick & efficient. It takes about 1-2 minutes to update & calculate the important levels of all the regularly traded shares at BSE.

Parastock can forecast or detect as much as 70 –80% of the market tops & Bottoms.

Importantly, it also gives Buy, Sell or Warning recommendations at these points.

Parastock on request / scanning lists out Short term Bullish shares i.e. the shares which are likely to remain in “Uptrend” for the coming 0-5 days.

Parastock on request / scanning lists out Short term Bearish shares i.e. the shares which are likely to remain in “Downtrend” for the coming 0-5 days.

Parastock also provides for it’s advanced users a separate in-builtFundamental & Comments module (within the actual package) in which, the user can store the quarterly or Half-Yearly Company Results & also write down his/ her own comments, trend, future prospects & plans, AGM dates etc. The package thus enables the user to create a customized data bank within the main package if he/ she so desires.

You do not have to wait for tips from other Investors nor do you have to log on to the Internet for the tips circulating in the market instead you have your own tips generated by your Parastock package. However if you still have an inclination to these things you can cross check these with the levels (Daily/ Weekly) generated by your package, as a number of times wrong news / tips are spread by people with vested interests.

To look at the accuracy, Please check the “Accuracy & Precision section” on the home page.

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