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The Forex DayTrader is an “Advance Predictive Intelligent System”, which gives you a day trading strategy at the beginning of the session for Cross Currency majors. It takes into account the ongoing trends, significant tops & bottoms, the market psychology, and comes out with clear cut 4-5 line trading strategy at the start of trading session.

There is admittedly a plethora of software to provide trading strategy based on different modes of analyses available in the market today. However it has been observed that the consistency of their analysis over a period of time has not been high. Most of them also require a certain degree of chart analysis by the user, and to that extent their success rate would depend on the analysis of the individual trader and becomes subjective.

Forex DayTrader is an absolutely unique system where one does not require any form of news and previous knowledge of traditional trading (drawing trend lines, looking at various patterns such as head & shoulders or counting any waves as in Elliot wave theory, etc). In short, one is required to put away all the previous "baggage" (knowledge) one has acquired in the past & gradually place your trust in the strategies generated by the system, because Forex DayTrader changes the complete dynamics of Day trading. Initially it is difficult to believe the kind of accuracy the system is capable of, but as one follows the software recommendations over a period of few trading sessions, one develops confidence and conviction in the software.

In order to make money One needs to be in trend with the market and Forex DayTrader does exactly that - it puts you in trend with the market. And once you are in trend with the market you are almost always bound to make money.
We have tried to overcome shortfalls such as the dependence on fundamental & technical analysts, News & data, previous knowledge of trading, etc in our revolutionary software called the “Forex Day Trader”.

The system analyses the trends, tries to absorb the market psychology with lightning fast speed and extra ordinary accuracy and comes out with clear-cut strategies. These strategies are displayed in simple and very clear language in fraction of a second and thus allowing the trader to concentrate and focus on trading and implementing the strategy, rather than spend time analyzing the charts. It must however be pointed out that for the system to succeed, total discipline in following the recommendations is absolutely necessary.

"The Forex Day Trader" gives you a clear-cut trading strategy at the start of any given time zone with 75-80% accuracy for the major Forex spots such as EUROUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, EURJPY & AUDUSD, where trillions of dollars change hand everyday.

There's absolutely no need to study / interpret any kind of Chart, you get the exact readymade analysis in the form of Buy/ Sell orders along with Stop loss, what to expect, where to book partial profits, when to maintain Short/ long positions, etc at the start of trading session.

The Forex DayTrader is divided into two main parts:

Open Strategy: This gives a broad trading strategy for the entire day (24hrs, as Forex is a 24 hr mkt.), it gives you a 4-5 line trading strategy for the day which includes:-

  • Levels at which you should take an entry
  • What Stop loss to keep (Stop & Reverse)
  • What profit targets to expect,
  • Where to book partial profits (BPP),
  • Level below or above which to maintain Shorts or Longs

Intra Day Strategy: this fine tunes the broader trend according to the movement in the Forex crosses at any given point of time during the day & gives the shorter term trading strategy for the remaining part of day. It gives
  • The level(s) at which you should take an entry
  • What Stop loss to keep
  • What targets to expect,
  • Where to book partial profits (BPP),
  • Level below which to maintain Shorts &
  • Level above which to maintain Long
The software generates these levels automatically after fine-tuning the movement up to that point of time during the course of the day. All one needs to do is click at the Intra-day option & that’s all.

This highly refined option can give the clients / users successful entry points during the course of the day wherein the Risk: Reward ratio is generally as high as 1:5 & higher (even up to 1:15 in a single day). The trader thereby has the facility to use the strategy thrown up by the system whenever he wants it and is not limited / restricted to following just the "Open strategy" (if by any chance he missed out & was unable to trade at the Open).

The Intra Day Strategy may change a number of times during the course of the day. The strategy and the targets keep changing with the passing time and hence a trader may be able to initiate a fresh trade a number of times during the course of the day.
Intra Day Reversals are sometimes easily caught by the use of the Intra Day option at the highest or lowest point of the day (where they are least expected). The net result is that you can catch and cash the Intra Day reversal of the trend and accordingly book your profits / cut your losses. This is especially of help in catching any reversal arising as a consequence of good / bad news/ numbers that might pour in during the market hours.

Interesting thing is that all the predictions are made at the start of any market without looking at any kind of News / Charts / Indicators & tools
such as ROC / RSI / Stochastic / Elliot wave / Fibonacci numbers etc. The system is highly sensitive to market fluctuations and is
therefore able to come out with a strategy at any time the trader wants it. This not only encourages a higher turnover with very tight stop losses but also allows the trader to hook on to the prevailing trend.

The system does not claim to hit all the tops and bottoms, but has a very high degree of success in giving multiple entry points during the day.

Followed strictly, it enables the trader to limit his losses and run with his profitable trades during the day.

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